Welcome to Karate Family Center Catonsville, Maryland


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“Directed by certified Black Belt instructors and staff, who have been criminal background checked and are certified through the Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.”

Mr. Philip Campitelli began Martial Art training as a Tae Kwon Do student in1978 and received his 1st Dan Black Belt in 1981. Mr. Campitelli has been training students for more than 30 years and with his current Black Belt Instructors will continue to train students for another 25 years. Karate Family Center Maryland of Catonsville is BOND EXEMPT and REGISTERED with the AG’s office our state registration number is B2886. As an institution devoted to the teaching of the Martial Arts in Maryland, our main objective has been to provide our students with the highest quality instruction and training in the field of mental and physical discipline at Karate Family Center Maryland.